Top (actually a Bikini :P): Missguided

Skirt: Missguided

Sandals: Dosenbach

Bag: Loavies

Hey Loves

I'm back and wanted to show you one of my favorite outfits I wore in Bali a multiple of times :-)

Perfect for any beachdays which turn into shopping-runs and food-hunting in the city. Was just a bit funny to wear when it was super windy with that tricky skirt :P But so unbelievable comfy with these wonderful sandals from Dosenbach in which I walked 6 km the one day we left the taxi at the totally wrong place haha. And the shoes still fitted perfectly. Yeah, it was funny with those taxi drivers in Bali I tell you. They don't even have google maps or a navigation on their phones so we actually got left a lot of times at not even nearly the right place, oh dear. So I was always more than happy to have packed some shoes in which I can walk a looong way.

As you might already heard on my Insta Stories, André was sadly sick for 5 days so our 2 week holiday didn't really turned out the way we have planned it. We wanted to visit islands, dive, snorkel, visit waterfalls and so on but yeah sometimes it just doesn't work out the way you plan something and I am just more than happy that he feels good again and the we still enjoyed at least a few beautiful moments together: swimming, surfing and having fun.

Wishing you all a super wonderful Weekend you guys!

Hear you soon

Much Love



♥ in lovely Cooperation with Dosenbach


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