Tee: Missguided

Culottes: Vintage

Flats: Dosenbach x Ellie Goulding

Sunnies: RayBan

Bag: Phillip Lim

Jacket: Romwe

Bracelet: Hipanema

Hey Lovies

Hope you're all doing super well. I sadly dind't felt that good the last past days but hey I'm back on track. Guess there's nothing more important than to always stay positive and just always believe in the sun which follows storm. And so it was. I really felt so good today and just were in a super nice mood after 4 days of a very bad mooded myself (which I hate myself! poor people around me!)

Anyways so glad the sunny days are back and that I'm finally able to enjoy these days. I don't know what it is but some days are just to put in the trash haha. Everything just doesn't works out as you wish it was and then there's is a bad comment from a person around you to something you do and argh you explode.

For those days all that helps is good friends around you helping to find back to yourself. So thankful I got my boyfriend next to my side always helping me no matter what. And also thank YOU guys, sounds cheesy but hey even tho I don't feel good on the inside it's always nice to share my happy moments with you and hearing your words always cheers everything up. :-)

And now to the outfit, you probably already know how much I love comfy stuff and Culottes paired with Mules are by far the best decision you could make to stay fashionable x comfortable. I absolutely love these floral ones which Ellie Goulding designed for Dosenbach. Got sooo so many questions on them and hey they are only around 30 Swiss Francs. Seriously one of my best treasures ever! :-)

To you all a very very happy evening and until soon my Loves!

Muah xxx



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