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Hey Loves

Ah! Today is probably the most important Blog-Post I've ever shown you. It is all about my very own clothing line which I created together with Metro Boutique in Switzerland.

Almost 1 year ago we started to create the first pieces. Decided on the cut, the material and the fit. I wanted a collection which is comfy, still stylish & very summery and boho-inspired. But that was all which was clear from the beginning. Since our first meeting then I thought about what pieces and colors I wanted and this is what we ended up with :-) I'm so so happy with how everything turned out and still can't believe that every piece has my price tag on, hangs in shops and can be bought online. It still is sooo surreal and I wanna thank Metro Boutique SO MUCH for letting me realise my dream and letting me be so free in all my decisions while still being such a help during the whole process.

Let me tell you some more of my thoughts on every piece right here: :-))


This one is probably my favorite piece out of them all even tho it is really hard for me to decide as I love every piece like my little baby haha. It is very light, comfy and can be combined to jeans, shorts, skirts, literally everything. I think it is the perfect piece for warm summer days which turn into long summer nights. You want have to warm during the day and won't freeze in the evening either ;-)


I discovered similar shorts like these when we travelled through asia for 4 months and fell in love with them right away. When we talked about what pieces I want for the collection I painted these down immediately. For the color I of course wanted blue-shades, my very favorite color. So we created one in a dark blue and then another one in a light blue which I both love a lot. They are so comfy, good looking and very flattering for your body.


The crochet Dress is another one of my favorites. Super comfy, fits perfectly plus crochet allows you to get air onto your skin during super warm summer days. I especially love to wear it when I'm really not in the mood to combine a look. As with this piece you only have to get it on an you're already fully dresses and got an eyecatcher with the ombré effect as well.


This Body is not only an eye catcher with its shiny surface and its beautiful bronze color but also very much comfortable and let you wear it during wild party nights or chilled days paired with some jeans-shorts for example. Also perfectly perfect for festivals and streetparade in summer. An all in one Body which I love :-)


In my collection I wanted to have some basics from the beginning. So I'm super happy with how the basic body and the basic Tee turned out. They both do have my logo "the little M-Wave" on the front. See more by clicking here. The fabric is super soft and very perfect for this summer so I can't wait to see a few of these pieces on you.


Yeah, Jeans-Shorts is something everyone needs. So I really wanted to create my own. Ripped, cozy, well fitted denim. :-)


In summer there's nothing better than a cozy chilled bralette in which you don't have to wear any other bra and can relax for the whole day and night - if prefered ;-)


When summer is coming closer. There's nothing better than a good maxi-skirt in which you don't have to care about how much you'll eat as you don't have to hide it haha and in which you'll be cozy for the whole day. I decided to go for the same fabric as for the Off-Shoulder-Blouse and I really love how it turned out.


Also one of my favorites. The Tee with my own Logo on it. BTW: Did you know that a follower designed my Logo: Thank you dear Milena Küpfer! I absolutely love all the rosé tones we got in my collection and the mix between cool and boho as well as sporty. I guess everyone will find her own favorite pieces and will combine it super different which makes it so much fun to watch :-))


We decided to create a bathing-suit which will be very flattering, still easy to wear and to be combined to only as a bathing suit but also as a top when combined with shorts. I love the rosé golden details and the cut outs which makes it so special and adorable.


One piece that I absolutely adore! My Suede Jacket in light blue. Will look good to seriously everything. No matter if you wear just a piece of shorts and a shirt or a floral printed dress as well as some skinny jeans and boots. It will be the eyecatcher no matter to what you'll combine it.


As told above I designed these shorts in dark blue as well as this beautiful suede light blue which I absolutely love.


So that was my COLLECTION! Ahhh, can you believe it. These pieces will hang in stores NOW and will be available online just now as well. So so crazy. And I seriously cannot wait to see you guys rock the pieces! If you got something please tag me in your pictures as I would absolutely love to see you wearing Aenymblaze Clothing.

Thank you so much for everything and until very soon my Loves!

Happy Monday




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