Dress: Missguided

Jeans-Jacket: Mango

Bag: Pinko

Sneakers: Dosenbach

Hey Lovies

I hope you're doing all well. :-))

As spring is coming and I'm feeling like the real me again, happy and with full of energy I thought about without what I couldn't live? And there were a few things which came into my mind immediately. And one of those was for sure MY SNEAKERS. Oh yeah, it's a big lovestory. I believe it's ages since you've seen me in high-heels on this blog. Which is actually a bit sad, but in winter it's to cold for them anyways.. and as I need to hurry most of the time and run onto the train like a crazy one. I just always take my sneakers.. And I never regret it. They are just the best invention ever. Super comfy, good looking, can be combined to a sporty look but then as well to a chic one and so on.. Lately I was as lucky to welcome these beauties into my sneaker-family :-)) A beautiful white with some lovely golden details. Absolutely perfect, for both chic and sporty combinations.

What are things you couldn't live without? I can count many I really have to say. There is my family, my boyfriend & friends on place 1. And then there is my job, blogging and working at the social media agency. I just learn day by day and I love it! There's freshly pressed orange juice, avocados or china noodles. Yeah I couldn't live without these things. There is Love & Happiness I wouldn't wanna miss. As well as palms, the beach and the ocean. Oh god, how much I love to be there. Then we also got disappointments, guess our life would be pretty boring without them and we wouldn't really learn out of mistakes. :-)

With that I'm wishing you a wonderful weekend!

All the best Loves and until very soon!



♥ in lovely Cooperation with Dosenbach


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