Photography by André Dunn

Wearing - Day 1:

Top & Pants: Zara

Shoes: Zara

Bag: Valentino

Wearing - Day 2:

Crop Sweater: Bershka

Pants: H&M

Shoes: Dosenbach

Bag: Valentino

Nails / Lashes: Unique Beauty Zurich

Hair: Keune Shampoo & Conditioner

Hey Lovies

I just came back from a wonderful time in Amsterdam with my Dear Keune-Team. Sadly both, my boy and I got ill so we couldn't really do all what was on the plan but we did most possible and that was a blast :-)


We arrived on Monday evening and went straight to the hotel "De Hallen" to change clothes and to refresh a bit before we headed out for dinner at such a lovely place! :-) It was called "De Kas" - see pictures below. The restaurant almost only uses ingredients which they plant themselves which I find absolutely amazing! :-)


On the second day we went to Foodhallen for the presentation of Keune's newest cup Streetsalon.com. The whole area was decorated SO SO beautifully. The place was so bright, shiny and just amazing so we were all super excited for the launch of Streetsalon.com and a super yummy lunch.

On Streetsalon.com you can find the latest hair-style trends. No matter if different cuts, colorings or styles, you literally find everything about hair over there. Not only the techniques & products used but also a video on every look. I find it absolutely cool and just perfect if you have a day without ideas or if you wanna style something and just take the step by step tutorial to your hairdresser to get that look :-))

#keunestreetsalon : Sandra from entredois.com as well as Anja & Liridon from schuschublog.com

Later on we got presented some looks from the newly launched page. It was a super cool experience to watch the hairdressers style their models. The lovely Illham Mestour, Global Artist Director from Keune styled her model with a huge Afro :-) - See it in the pictures below. Absolutely stunning!


Later on we all went together to the Nine Streets. Such a lovely place which an insane amount of beautiful and unique shops. We also went to 3 Thrift Shops which all were absolutely lovable. Sandra found an amazing jacket & a lovely bag. Anja got herself a vintage "Levi's" Jacket and I myself bought a vintage satin scarf. We just all had a wonderful time, enjoyed every second and topped it of with a yummy pizza, pasta & a hot chocolate with cream :-)


You have probably seen this on my snapchat story but we went for dinner to the Supperclub in Amsterdam, which was seriously the craziest experience I ever made. We had dinner on a bed, super comfy. A very special five course dinner (we had a sunny side up looking desert or a watermelon pizza for example) and some very provocative performances. I will just say so much: You really have to experience this yourself. One of a kind nights :P


On our last day all the bloggers actually would have shot a video-tutorial for Keunes new page Streetsalon.com. Sadly, as told above, I was super ill this morning so I couldn't make it. But anyways after sleeping a looot, getting a bit of energy and showering with my new Keune Products we still went out for some food and to take a few pictures. :-)

I'm absolutely in love with the shampoo and the conditioner. If you're looking for shiny, light, nice hair this is what you need. I'm also very much in love with the dry shampoo and the gloss spray. I not only love how they apply but also how cool they just look. So stunning! This design is really everything *.*

So even tho I really didn't felt so good we had a beautiful last day in Amsterdam, filled with joy and sun. Thank you so much Keune Switzerland for taking us on such a cool trip with a wonderful organisation and interesting conversations.

We had a blast!

Wishing you all a wonderful evening right now and much much love!



♥ in lovely Cooperation with Keune Switzerland


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