Photography by André Dunn


Dress: Missguided

Shoes: Dosenbach

Earrings: HM

Hair: Hairstylist Pierre

Nails / Lashes: Unique Beauty Zurich

Hey Loves

We just arrived in Gran Canaria yesterday and I already want to show you some pictures we shot today :-))

We're here for 4 nights, so a pretty short get-away but we just wanted to celebrate our 3rd Valentine's in a warm place ;-) Hope you all had a wonderful V-Day Guys, I actually even got a wonderful bunch of roses from André which we sadly forgot at home, so I guess they won't look that good when we're coming back on sunday :(

After arriving at the airport we had some serious problems to get our luggage. I have to say we are super lucky as we never missed a flight and never didn't got our bags right after landing. But then when our lugagge just won't arrive after almost 30 minutes of waiting I really got nervous and were serious afraid :P What should a blogger without her luggage do haha. Well thanks god we then got it after an endless time waiting. I was the happiest girl ever ;-)

Sadly it was raining the whole afternoon & evening and it was extremely cold so I was a bit afraid it's going to be cloudy and freezing the whole time we're here but then today it was so lovely warm and we just relaxed and got tanned - and got a bit burned haha - the whole day. Besides of taking photos of course ;-)

We also rent a car - a cabrio wuhu - for tomorrow to explore the island, so I'm super super excited for that and will take you with us on Snapchat for sure.

The first look we shot in Gran Canaria was this cute Boho Dress paired with some comfy white Sneakers I got at Dosenbach. I absolutely love their golden details and the super cool leather print. They were in the sale as well btw :-)) So I got them for only 20 Swiss Francs and deeply love the quality! These are gonna be my best friends for spring :-))

From wherever you are I hope you are having a good time and at least get some sunrays.

I'm gonna enjoy and appreciate every little sunshine here for sure. It's just so crazy how happy sun makes me ;-)

Gonna hear you soon Lovies!




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