Photography: by André Dunn

Location: Château Gütsch in Lucerne


Atelier Swarovski

Core Collection Cuff

Core Collection Earrings

Core Collection Ring


White Dress: Missguided

Rosa Dress: For Love and Lemons

Hey Loves

One day to go and we're off to the Swiss Music Awards with Atelier Swarovski. As you might know I don't wear high-heels and pretty dresses that often but then for special occasions I just love to do so. Especially when I've seen the beautiful Core Collection by Atelier Swarovski for the first time. I immediately knew with what I want to combine the jewelry and how I want the whole scenery to look like.

Did you know that Swarovski collaborated with Couture Houses such as Chanel and Dior since the early 1900s? In 2007 then Nadja Swarovski launched Atelier Swarovski where they started to work with fashion, design and architecture's most iconic talents, regularly. Such as Karl Lagerfeld or the British architect Zaha Hadid.

Two new designers are chosen each season, launching their collections in tandem with the fashion world's Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter calendar.

I've chosen the in 2014 founded, in-house designed Core-Collection which is inspired by the element of water and envolves every season. I absolutely fell in love with the Kalix Collection with it sparkles and stars.

In todays photo-series I wanted to show you how I get ready for such special occasions like tomorrows Swiss Music Awards. Of course it's going to be a bit more hectic as I have meetings all over tomorrow but it for sure looks something like this ;-) Just without the beautiful flowers and without our wonderful hotel room at Château Gütsch. Oh how much I fell in love with this bathroom. Literally exactly how I would love mine to look like someday. If you get the change to be in Lucerene once, don't forget to check this hotel out. It's located on a hill with a beautiful view all over the lake. A princess-dream coming true, especially combined with my sparkling jewelry by Atelier Swarovski.

Of course getting my Make-Up done is the first thing I do after having a shower. As you might know I normally wear very little to no make-up. But then for special events it's nice to get my palettes out and try something new. I absolutely love the effect of concealer, foundation and mascara.

Our beautiful room at Château Gütsch, thank you so much for having us! Serious room and view goals, right?!

Wearing the beautiful Atelier Swarovski Core-Collection. The pieces are actually in the color "Silk" which is more a rosé tone than a silver and the pieces are able to be combined with yellow and rosé gold as well as with silver. So that's something I absolutely love about this jewelry collection. Sadly I couldn't find the color silk on their website but you'll probably find it in stores :-)

I absolutely loved to combined the pieces with my white dress and the same colored flowers. As it was pretty foggy and dark outside that's probably why the pieces look more silver than rosé. But you'll see me wearing the collection for sure a lot in the future. Also on sunny days where I guess you'll see the actual color better than in these pictures :-)

I'm super happy how the photo-series turned out. Thank you so much dear Atelier Swarovski for making this magic happen and Château Gütsch for having us. Absolutely loved shooting these pictures.

I really hope you like this series as well and I wish you a very very happy evening. If you wanna follow our night at the Swiss Music Awards as well, just watch my Instagram-Stories tomorrow evening ;-)

See you there folks.



♥ in lovely Cooperation with Atelier Swarovski


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