Photography by André Dunn


Jumpsuit: Zara

Boots: Dosenbach

Bag: Zara

Studded Jacket: Romwe

Belt: Moschino

Hey Loves

As you might have seen on my Snapchat or Instagram we went to Mallorca for a super cool new project I'm telling you all about when end of march. I'm so so looking forward to the start of this exciting collaboration and will keep you posted for sure :-))

We had such a lovely time in Mallorca even tho it was so so freezing. Our hosts told us these were the 2 coldest days since 16 years :O So yeah, on the pictures it might look like at least 20 degrees but when in real it was around 8 degrees and the wind was freezing :/ We actually had to shoot summer clothes, like a bikini, shorts or dresses :P So yeah, I was literally freezing my ass off when Nadine (my photographer) was wearing gloves and a scarf haha.

Anyways we had a blast and enjoyed every second for sure. I can only highly recommend you our "finca" which you can find here. I just searched for a nice place to shoot the project for which I needed a lot of locations in a close area. So this finca was more than perfect and the hosts had so much fun watching us making the pictures. You can also add breakfast to your stay and they will make everything you want or need ;-) We had yoghurt, eggs, so much bread, jelly, different meats and fruits. So yeah, literally everything you could wish for.

Thank you for the lovely stay Barbara and Walter, as well to the 2 cutiepie dogs Felix & Jessica :P

We also shot a Vlog which will go live on youtube as soon as I can tell you more about the project, so I'm super excited for that as well. The outfit in the pictures was the one on the 3rd day btw, when we were off to explore Palma. I must say it was a bit too cold and I wore another jacket over it but for the pictures it was just more stylo that way. I absolutely love my new shoes from Dosenbach which I also wore for the plane-ride to Mallorca and they were so comfortable I tell you :-) With them golden studs on them just a must have for everyone :-)) Hope you like the outfit, Much Loooove!




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