Photography by André Dunn


Top: Loavies

Shorts: Batoko

Bag: Loavies

Fringe-Sandals (New Love!): Dosenbach

Hey Loves

There was much going on lately that's why I wasn't so active on my blog tho but if you wanna see my daily posts just head over to Instagram to see more ;-)

But back to this post where I'm gonna talk about what a fun day we had, in Punta Cana, exploring our Resort. It all started super early in the morning at 5 AM when my boy and I woke up and went to the beach to see the sunrise. Such a wonderful experience and even I'm everything but no morning person, I still loved to wake up early as I knew it will take my breath away - and it did! Just something I really need to do more when at a place at the beach. So we had such a lovely start into the day, went back to our apartment to have Breaky with the Fam and then headed out to finally explore the island :-)

I really wanted to see some more corners and we got to see a lot. Without a plan but packed with wanderlust and fun we drove around the island and stopped at a ruin or how else to describe - an empty, not finished house I guess. It was super impressive as the location was SO SO beautiful but the house just didn't got finished which was so sad. After having a look we went back to the car and my boy had the brilliant idea of me driving the car. I have to add, I don't have a driving license and never drove before haha. I was like yeah why not as there were literally NO other cars on the road and the streets were super straight without a lot of curves so I gave it a try. With the help of my brother and my boy I drove along the way and had superduper much fun doing so. I was always so afraid driving a car, especially when I see the traffic in Switzerland. But with them empty streets it was a lot of fun I have to admit :P

Next we stopped at a huge golf resort to take a look at it. It was so stunning to see the intense green grass in contrast with the bright blue ocean. Really a one of a kind experience. We then also shot my outfit I was wearing the whole day at the golf resort as I thought it would fit so nice to this location.

I was wearing my absolute favorite fab tassel-sandals from Dosenbach that day which were so so comfy! I really thought: okay what a bad idea to wear these shoes to explore the island but they were just fitting the outfit so well and at the end of the day my feet still felt so relaxed and didn't hurt at all even tho they have a little heel. So I can really recommend them to you. So sweet aren't they?!

So with that I'm wishing you a wonderful evening and before I forget it if you wanna see more of this day just check out my VLOG 2 from Punta Cana where I took you with us on exactly that day (including the sunrise, exploring the island, having fuuuun!)

Much Love




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