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You've probably already seen it on Snapchat or my Youtube-Channel, but we went to Lake Como last Weekend. It was super spontaneous that's also why we actually didn't found a super nice hotel but anyways the stay was really really nice and I can recommend a quick trip to everyone.

My boy and I, we just both had the feeling of escaping these cold and rainy days here a bit, even tho only for 2 days this really gave me so much happiness and charged my power-banks :P


So on Sunday, early in the morning we drove in direction Italy.. first stop was Ascona which is just one of my favorite places in switzerland since forever.. as you might know I was born in Ticino that's why it's always a little homecoming for me when I'm back to Ascona, Locarno or Lugano (my top 3 places there) :-)

If you have enough time and there is not too much of snow you can also drive over the alpes instead of going through the tunnel. So we did and it was beautiful.

In Ascona then we just had amazing weather, only a bit more than an hour from lucerne where my boyfriend lives and the weather was just so much better, crazy.

After a tasty first italian dish we were strolling around the city. Compared to other places in Ticino, there are a few small cafes, bars and restaurants directly at the boardwalk with view on Lago Maggiore.

Next stop was Moltrasio, the village is built on a slope of the comer lake, reknown for their villas right on the water's edge.

Because we were a bit tired and it was almost dark outside we had some dinner via roomservice. The Hotel was a bit disappointing 'cause you had to pay extra for all the Wellness facilites, so we decided to go up the hill into the cute little old village.


On the second day we went to Como the main village in this area. It has the typical Italian charm and so many cool cafes. After a delicious latte macchiato and a hot chocolate with so much foam - so yummy - we explored the rest of the town and it's Harbor. I would definitely recommend to visit the footbridge, were you can walk on the Lake Como and look at the town from a new angle.

So this was it, hopefully it could inspire you a bit :-)

Much Much Love & a happy Weekend!




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