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As so many always asked me what I liked best about Mykonos and what really annoyed me, I'm gonna write about this topic right here :-) (Even tho this post comes a bit late, it might inspire you for a trip to Mykonos in 2k17 ;-))



The first thing my boy and I absolutely loved about this island were the inhabitants. So super friendly, thankful for having us and doing almost everything to make our stay most comfortable possible :-)


Yep you heard right. I've never been to a place were I've seen SO many beautiful people. It was kinda scaring, I felt like a grey mouse every single day. You'll see the best bodies, prettiest faces, most wonderful dresses right in front of you.. In the hotel, at the beach or in the city. SO many pretty tourists!


You just have to do this when being on Mykonos! Rent a Quad for €40 a day and cruise around the island. You'll find so many beautiful places, empty beaches and will have so much fun, I promise!


Yes, the ocean is so incredibly beautiful! Clear, blue water wherever you see, beachbars, fun and sun! I just loved driving to a beach by quad and just enjoying our afternoons there.

Psarou - The Party-Beach

If you wanna see some VIPs, have fun and party all day long, this beach is exactly the place you wanna be. BTW: I can totally recommend the Nammos Restaurant! Very hip, trendy and yummy!

Agrari Beach - The relaxing one

Where we shot the pictures above :-) The water was so beautiful! Not many people, a really relaxing and calm place which I can only recommend!

Super Paradise - Another Party-Beach - *not to recommend*

Actually, a lot of people say this is their favorite beach! I personally have to say I hated it.. The music was super loud and really not my type, the people were really really drunk and the water full of trash and just not nice at all.. I can't really recommend it except you really wanna have your worst hangover haha

Lia Beach - The beach in the bay

Oh I loved this one so much! You have to drive a bit longer but it's totally worth it! I loved the Beachclub Liasti and the calm atmosphere.. The beach is located in a bay so that makes it extra relaxing and you feel like in a hidden paradise :-)



Yeah well not only the hotels were so crazy expensive! If you wanna have something with pool you have to pay around €200 per person & night.. especially if you book the hotels one day before, as we did haha

So only for the hotels it was the most expensive trip ever for me.. But not only that but also the food is ridiculous expensive.. I mean, I'm living in Zurich (one of the most expensive cities in the world) So I literally know what expensive means, but Mykonos is something else.. We payed around €60 for each meal..


Well, there are 32 taxis for the whole freakin island! What the heck :O When arriving in Mykonos I guess you won't have any problems because the hotel suttle-service will most propably pick you up at the airport.. But then if you wanna see the city or something else and don't wanna rent a quad you have to wait like forever to find an empty taxi.. We walked almost 1 h one day because we just couldn't find a service to bring us to the hotel haha

The worst thing was when we came back from Santorini with the ferry.. Our flight was in 3 hours and we just had to find a taxi but there wasn't even 1 single taxi at the port, what the freak?! So we had to walk like 20 minutes to the closest restaurant, with all our luggage to be told.. and had to arrange one to bring us asap to the airport.. The waitress was super kind and tried everything but there just wasn't one free taxi on the whole island.. Then after waiting another 20 minutes (and actually ordered food) a taxi came to bring us to the airport, thanks god! André and I just ate as much as we could from the pasta which arrived at or table exactly the time when the taxi arrived.. What a stress I tell you haha


I actually don't know how it is when you travel off-season but in high-season this Airport is the worst thing I have ever seen in my whole life!

- First things first, the Airport itself is sooo small you can't even call it an airport.. you got 3 check-in counters and only 1 freakin security-check-in.. Omg I'm still soo annoyed when writing this haha. So when we arrived we first had the problem with the taxi (as seen above) so we already were kinda pissed, but then at the airport everything went worse. We had 2 hours left which should be more than enough we thought.. but not in Mykonos.. We were in line for 1 crazy hour before we were able to check-in and check our baggage. Well we thought we could check the baggage but actually the guy told us we had to stand in another line to check it when they had a luggage ad just behind them..

So we were in the big trouble seeing the line in front of the "new" baggage drop off and the line in front of the security check.. So only thing possible that we might have a chance to catch the flight was that André s gonna stand in line in front of the baggage thing and I'm waiting in line for the security check-in.. After 1 hour he finally ran to my line and we made it last second to the gate and were able to catch the flight.. Oh Dear what a day!


Okay this is grumble on high level haha, but after being there for a week my head just almost exploded because it was always so freaking windy! And sometimes you really freeze because the wind was so hard and cold oh dear! But anyways I loved it being there :-)

BTW: We stayed at two different places:

Hotel Lyo Mykonos (located a bit outside but one of my fav hotels forever, read more about this one here)

Hotel Alkyon (located directly over town which was pretty cool)

So Guys this was it with todays post about Mykonos. Were you there once? And can you relate to the points I just mentioned?

Anyway we had a wonderful time! Even tho I think I won't go back that soon, I can only recommend you to visit it at least once in a lifetime :-)

Hope you're having a fab day and til soon

Much Loooove




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