Blazer: Vintage

Culotte & Body: C&A

Bordeaux Boots: Dorothy Perkins

Bordeaux Bag: About You

Hey Lovies

As I was in Madrid lately I wanted to share some of my impressions from this city and maybe giving you a few tips about this stunning city.


- The weather is just amazeballs! I mean, it is so close to Switzerland but soooo much warmer! I just love to walk around in shorts, boots & a sweater.. this reminds me so much of Cali-Weather, just something we can never wear in Switzerland grrr :P

- All the people are super lovely and chilled & really look for your happiness :-)

- Personally I think shopping in Madrid is even better than in London as you're having like 3 main streets with a LOT of shops and everywhere some small little hidden streets with even more cute boutiques.

- It is an amazing place for partying! I remember that when I was in Madrid with Milena a few years ago! We bought a "ticket" for 10€ for 4 clubs and a drink in every club! You'll spend the whole night with a group with booked the same trip so you'll meet people from Madrid or Spain itself but also from all around the world. I found this such a cool idea and love to think back to this night! :-)

- And then there was our day/night we spent with C&A to discover their showroom with the new S/S 17 which was just one of the most beautiful events ever! Our flight was super early, after arriving we got lunch and later one we got some shuttles to the main-location. The whole Showroom was made with so much love, took part in a huge glasshouse in which you found a corner with water-melons, a corner in which they made bouquets with flowers and even a huge flower-wall which quickly turned into the blogger-hotspot haha. Then there was a band in the middle playing their songs, everywhere flower, coffee-cars, a beach-bar, all the new pieces and oh my gawd it was just such a paradise! Seriously such a lovely experience! Thank you C&A for letting me be part of it!

- Our hotel was a true treasure itself. We got a room on the 5th floor which had such a nice few over the Grand Via. Much Love for that! There was also a rooftop-terrace which I really liked and you can have breakfast until around 3 pm which is just made for me as my boy and I both aren't really morning-persons haha. The location and the price are just super good and I would definitely go back to this hotel! --> Vincchi de Mint Hotel


- Even during the weekdays it is soo crazy crowded! Like seriously, you can't even really walk straight when shopping, always standing and waiting, I don't really like! haha

- It isn't so easy to find some really yummy and good looking food places! Or maybe it was just us, but we had to get some take-away because everything nice was SO crowded and full :(

- For a city-trip it is amazing but I wouldn't recommend staying longer than 3/4 days.. for e personally it needs to have a beach if I'm going somewhere haha, it is just the most relaxing way for me tho

So as you can see there wasn't much which I didn't find so good, there is so much more that I liked and I can't wait to go back one day! I really enjoyed our stay :-)

Much Love




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