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Hey Loves

Today I'm gonna show you my favorite Jewelry Pieces I'm seriously wearing all the time and hopefully can inspire you to do so as well :P

I actually have to tell you I've never had this Jewelry I'm wearing 24/7. I always bought new one over new one in cheaper stores but also always lost them either on a toilet when taking your rings of for washing hands or taking of the jewelry for showering.. and then one day it really just gets so annoying because you're spending tons of money on Jewelry which is getting ugly just after a few weeks or as I told you gonna lose it (if you're such a chaotic person as I am haha)

My first piece from Thomas Sabo was the Charm bracelet which I got from Lorena, Nuria and Sara 3 of my friends, for my 18th birthday. But as I got older I just didn't liked silver as much as I did earlier. I'm super into the rose and yellow-gold thing since around 4 years :-)

So when I then discovered the world of Thomas Sabo again 1/2 a year ago I was absolutely in love with so many pieces! In this pictures I'm wearing my absolut favorites just as these rings:


- Protecting Eye Ring

- Triangle Ring & Bracelet 2 in 1

- Diamant all over Ring

- Triangle Bracelet

- Watch in my all time favorite color


- Protecting Eye Bracelet

- Simple Bracelet in Rose

- Classic Bracelet

- Favorite Ring Duo in this Universe 1 & 2

I know there are a few pieces which are for sure more expensive but isn't it so nice to maybe wish yourself something like that for your birthday or the christmas-season. Or I personally love to just safe myself a bit of money to buy Jewelry as it is something I look at every day, every moment I do my hair, work on the laptop or eat something. I just see it so often and am so happy I have it on my hand, my wrist or even my neck as I also got 2 necklaces from Thomas Sabo :-)) Little addict haha

And there's another story I need to tell you, if you didn't know Thomas Sabo also got beautiful Letter-Charms for a necklace for example. So when I've seen it I had to buy me an "M" for my yet empty necklace. But then coming home I showed it to my boyfriend and first thing he did is took the "M" and just put in on his own. He's wearing it till this day and my necklace is still just a golden kinda ribbon and really missing his letter :P I might buy me one soon ;-)

So Loves if you have any more questions just ask everything you wanna know below and I can't wait to see my collection growing on and on as I'm so in love with every piece!

I'm wishing you a wonderful evening now and until soon Loves



♥ in lovely Cooperation with Thomas Sabo


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