Wearing - Day 1:

Jumpsuit: MorrisDay the Label

Shoes: PublicDesire

Bag: About You

Sunnies: Lulus

Wearing - Party-Look:

Dress: Missguided

Shoes: PublicDesire

Bag: About You

Wearing - Day 2:

Dungaree: Urban Outfitters

Top: HM

Shoes: Stan Smith Adidas

Sunnies: Ray Ban

Bag: About You

Jewelry: Triwa & Thomas Sabo

Hey Peeps

I just looked through my Instagram-History and really wanted to show you what we did in Amsterdam also in a blogpost not only in IG, so here we go.. my 2 Days in Amsterdam with Desperados.

It all started on Friday-Morning when we took off to Amsterdam and arrived around 3 pm at our hotel ANDAZ directly in the middle of the city. Alison, Ken and I then decided to get a little lunch/dinner-something first.

After eating a lot, taking some pictures and exploring the city a bit we already had to go back to the hotel to quickly change the outfits and get ready for dinner and partying with Desperados. I was so excited as we didn't knew whats going to await us! :-)

The Crew: Alison, Marie & Sylwina <3

The view right in front of our hotel ANDAZ Amsterdam

After taking some pictures in front of the hotel with all the lovely ladies we walked to our dinner-location Pulitzer where we met all the other bloggers, journalists and so on and just had an amazing, super interesting evening! :-) Getting Desperados Beer of course and some yummy dishes. I took asparagus and was so happy with my choice, so good!

We really didn't had any idea what's coming next but for sure it was going to be a big surprise. And so it was.. we were all brought to the port and with a boat to our party-location on the water. Gotta love it! You know how much I love the element water and I actually never partied on it so it was amazeballs! The whole night got tons of highlights such as 2 gorgeous girls singing live, a huge golden bottle in the middle of the location, getting yummy drinks, yummy food and so on. We just had a lot of fun but the real surprise was still awaiting.

The new Limited Edition Desperados Flare! It tastes just great but looks even more fantastic! Shimmering when shaked and looking like liquid gold! I've seriously never seen something like this and I wasn't the only super surprised one. Everyone was looking at the bottle, thinking how it is possible to invent something like this, drinking, partying, having fun! It was just a gorgeous night and I am super happy I was a part of it all!


The next day Sylwina and I slept almost til noon, then decided to get some lunch (Spaghetti for me for sure haha) and also made a trip on a boat through Amsterdam. Followed by some sightseeing and shopping of course ;-) We just really had a great time and it was fantastic! See everything in the Vlog below Sylwina made of us, thank you so much for doing so, such a cool memory!

And thank you Desperados for having me! I loved and still love their beer since day 1 when a friend of mine gave it to me to try. Especially for girls I think it's so much better and sweeter than a normal one but also for boys, for example my boyfriend really prefers Desperados. So go and grab yourself the Limited Flare Edition and tell me what you think about it! You'll find it in chosen Bars! Cheers!

And til soon



Follow us through Amsterdam ;-))


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