Photography by Nissi Mendes and me

all Photos taken with the Samsung NX1

Wearing in Brussels:

Blouse: HM

Skirt: Boutique in Verona

Shoes: Boutique in Verona

Wearing in Knokke:

Dress: Zara

Shirt: Zara

Sweater: HM

Shoes: Boutique in Verona

Hey Loves

So here I am, back with another post about our stay in Belgium. See the first part here: Visit Flanders Day 1 - Antwerp.

So after such a fun and cool first day in Antwerp it was time for us to explore Brugges. I have to be honest I never heard about it before so I was super excited.

First stop was the wonderful Hotel de Tuilerieen, which I can highly recommend. Super lovely receptionists, central, a little spa-area, yummy food and such a cute room!

As it is normal for bloggers we always need at least a little spot during the day to take pictures, so Nissi and I decided to do that and explore the city a bit when the others enjoyed to take a look at the brewery Bourgogne.

We then met again for lunch at the brewery directly at the river and tried some different beers ourself. I always liked beer but there's nothing compared to belgian beer. You can't even imagine how many different tastes. I was super impressed!

Susanne from Visit Flanders & Nissi <3

Next stop on the plan was horse riding. I hardly recommend that to everyone! You will have the chance to explore the city in such a comfortable way and will see so much! Such as the cute houses a bit outside, the windmills or the former monastery which now is a home with a lot of flats ;-)

After walking 11 km the first day I was more than happy to just see everything from above in the carriage :P

As you might know I'm already super in love with Venice and Amsterdam and if you love these cities as much as I do than u definitely should have Brugges on your bucket list. But just see it yourself on the pictures ;-)

And I got something else you should definitely have on your list to see. The Food Festival "Kooket". You'll find a lot of star chefs there and will have the chance to try their creations for an affordable price! Such a cool idea right?! Just get your chetons and pay with them. One cheton is 2 Euro. So for one super yummy meal you pay 2 - 3 chetons. I really hope this idea will come to switzerland sonner than later as I loved the atmosphere & the idea so much! We then also got filmed for the TV and just enjoyed such a lovely evening.

The third day was all about exploring Knokke and having the best meal ever to top the last day in Belgium. You have probably seen it already on instagram or my snapchat, I just TOTALLY fell in love with this place and I'm already planning to come back with Nissi and our boys next year.

You just have to see it yourself. It's kinda like Venice Beach in Cali. The weather was super nice, tons of beachbars all in blue and white (what else could I wish for) and the loveliest people!

I feel like in summer it will be even nicer! More sun, fun and a lot of tanning and swimming :P

After having a coffee at the beach we went to our last and for me the best lunch-place. Restaurant Bartholomeus** in Knokke. Of course a different wine to every dish again haha, gotta love it and just such a yummy meal! I really really kindly recommend to visit Belgium and all the places we went to. It was just a perfect trip for me and I'll definitely come back!! :-))

So for now, wishing you a wonderful evening and much Loooove



Special thanks to the team of Visit Flanders which made all this possible and organised the whole trip.

It was amazing!


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