Pictures taken by Nadine Holder


Blazer: Topshop

Shirt: from Santorini

Shorts: Missguided

The perfect Fall-Booties: Walder Shoes

"love them cause they aren't to warm but perfect for these days in

which you never know if it stays sunny or if it's going to rain later ;-)"

Bag: MCM

Hey Loves

As I got so many questions about a lot of things in life I thought about writing this post to answer at least a few in this post :-))) If you got any more questions I'm happy to read them in the comment section below and answer them asap & write another post about more questions if you like this :-)

Where are you from?

I'm 100% Swiss, pretty boring haha but most of the people guess I'm Serbian or Italian :P

Living in Winterthur atm but searching for a flat in Zurich w/ my boy :-)


I'm most proud of my mom.. she raised us all herself with a 100% Job and 2 little kids. She is the strongest person I know and is my idol forever! Love you mum!

Plus about stepping out of my comfort zone.. I've quit my safe job, left my flat in Zurich and just wanted to try out something which really made me fun! The first year wasn't that easy tbh, I didn't had a lot of money and really had to count the coins sometimes.. But I learned a lot, I now know that sometimes life can be challenging but if you really have a dream, fight for it at it might come true!

Which camera do you use?

For the blog always my Samsung NX1 (expect when Photographers take photos of me) For my Instagram I like it the best with my Samsung as well but this camera is a bit heavy, so if I don't have it with me that day I take the pics with my Phone :-)

Who takes pictures of you?

Most of the time it's my gorgeous boyfriend.. I like it the best if he takes the pics :-)

But I also really like to work with photographers, if he hasn't got time because of his job.


I work as a Visual Communication Artist in Zurich at El Semari Enterprises where I actually manage blogger-cooperations with our clients, giving social media coachings, doing all visual things, meetings, mails, phone calls, reportings, briefings and so on and so on.. Best Job on earth next to my second one, which is....

... of course Blogging haha, I never thought about getting a good salary out of being a Blogger but it is a dream come true.. I just love taking pictures, writing about this and that, meeting so many great people and travel to cities I've never seen before.. I'm seriously so greatful!

How do you edit your pictures?

I'd also love to do a blogpost for that, but just to explain it shortly to you:

I'm always using VSCO-Cam Filter HB1 or HB2 first :-)

Then editing it a bit colder, a bit more contrast and fini.. sometimes I also like to use Facetune, to get rid of some annoying pimples or brighten my eyes a bit :-)

I actually edit ALL my pictures, be it for the blog or Instagram, with my phone.. because photopshop is just to hard for me to understand hahah

How old are you?

My Birthdate is the 14th of April 1994. So I'm 22 years old right now ;-)

How Tall are you?

I'm 1.76 / 1.77 something.. Some people are saying I'm bigger than that but I'm not listening, just don't wanna be that tall! AHHHHH hahah, Tall Girl Problems

How long does it take to create a blogpost?

I have to be honest with you, most of the time it takes me around 8 hours. So Blogging is really a part-time job for me. Something a lot of people don't see what is happening behind, just like for most of the jobs.. when working at an office, people think you are surfing in the internet all day long haha

If you're intersted in how it comes to this 8 hours let me know and I'll explain it to you in an extra post ;-)

So these are just a few questions which got answered hopefully. As told above just ask me anything you wanna know below and I'm going to try to answer it :-))

Much Love and til soon




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