Photography by Nissi Mendes and me

all Photos taken with the Samsung NX1


Skirt: Topshop

Bag: MinkPink

Shirt: NewLook

Sneakers: Boutique in Verona

Hey my Lovies

As you have probably seen on a lot of my latest Instagram-Pics I had the change to visit Flanders from Friday to Sunday and I totally fell in love with these places! I actually wanted to do a post including all three days but I really feel like I have to dedicate every city its own post ;-)

So as you can see in the title, our first stop was Antwerp. After landing in Brussels and driving about 30 Minutes we arrived at our first super cute Hotel called t' Sandt where Nissi and I shared a wonderful room with even an old spiral staircase to a second floor where our beds were. So adorable!

After we checked in we went for lunch to the "Museum aan de Stroom" (MAS) which is a huge building with glass all around it and escalators to every single floor. As it is directly at the port it got his name aan de Stroom which means "by the water" more or less ;-) If you are going to visit Antwerp you definitely have to visit it as it is free of charge for everyone if you only wanna have a stunning view over the city from the rooftop. Of course for the Museum or the Restaurant you have to pay but not for having the nicest view, by day or night :-)

So then for lunch we went to the top floor which was super high and just a crazy atmosphere! And actually the first time ever for me eating in a 2** Michelin Restaurant called t' Zilte. We got a "I don't know" how many meals-lunch at it just didn't stop with the courses. We got 2 extra-appetizer which were huge itself.. a lot of bread etc and then the actual 3 courses topped with another 2 extra-deserts when ordering the coffee. So we actually had 7 courses instead of 3 haha, you won't be disappointed I tell you.. and just look at the pictures and you'll see yourself how stunning food can look :-)

Just crazy huh?! It was literally a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

So after our stunning lunch we really had to walk a bit to digest the yummy meal ;-)

Our Tour Guide Tanguy Ottomer then showed us "his" great Antwerp.. He really is the best tour guide ever, so in love with his city and such a funny guy! You can see our Crew on his Instagram-Pic here. Such a fun group with super lovely people!

When Tanguy has taken us to almost every corner in Antwerp such as this stunning Shopping-Mall which was a banquet hall earlier, Nissi and I decided to take some pictures next.

After that we went straight to the Hotel next, but for only 10 minutes to change clothes, before we headed to a Cocktail Bar called Sips a bit outside. Nissi and I decided to take the "Tomorrow-Land" Cocktail which tasted amazing! So good with cucumber and limes, yummy! Next stop was our dinner place called young kitchen rebel Epicerie du Cirque were we got way to many courses again haha. No, joking, it was amazing, but seriously I haven't eaten that much in a day for ages.. and it was soo good! The atmosphere was super lovely, familiar and we got a different wine to every meal (just like at the lunch) so you can imagine in what a good mood we were ;-)

After having such an awesome day we went back to the hotel and fell asleep asap as we had to be at the airport at 6 am actually.. It was a super long but even more exciting day and I can't way to visit Antwerp hopefully sooner than later again! Than Antwerp isn't only super interesting in architecture or culture but also in the section art and fashion. Antwerp actually has the 3rd best Fashion-School in the world, after London & NY. So if you're interested in Design and Fashion really don't miss the opportunity and visit this stunning place!

So we will see us laterssss with a second post to our next stop in Brugges, the Venice of the North! ;-)

Til then all the best, Much Looove



Special thanks to the team of Visit Flanders which made all this possible and organised the whole trip.

It was amazing!


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