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Hey Loves

In todays Post it's all about our first day in Portugal. To be more exactly, at the Algarve. After landing in Faro we took a Taxi in direction to Lagos where we had our first hotel. If you are planning a trip, be sure you book yourself a transport to Lagos as we paid €120 for the taxi, as the buses hadn't any empty places :(( aahhh!

Well well, after this kinda bad start we were just so happy to see all these lovely landscapes on our way to the hotel. Also the hotel itself was more than stunning! We chose the Belmar Spa & Beach Resort and enjoyed every second there. It got 2 outdoorpools, a super yummy restaurant and a huge spa-area with whirlpool wuhu :-))

For the first day we wanted to chill a bit and just relaxed by the pool and at the beach :-)

We also enjoyed the very yummy restaurant at the beach just in front of our hotel and ordered this good-looking summer-bowl which tasted suuuper great! Yumm!

In the evening we took some pictures for my next project which you'll see tomorrow on my blog, so stay tuned and just enjoyed ever sunray we could find :-)))

See you tomorrow loves and soon with another post about our lovely time in Portugal.

Til then have a good evening & Much Love




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