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Hey Lovies

As you might know I got a little flu and was in bed for the last 3 days... Just as so many other peeps in Switzerland atm.. The weather is literally going crazy.. sunny for one second and snowing the other sec.. What the heck?! It really feels like a bad April joke (not funny) :P

And as you also might know I always go through my old beach pictures while lying in bed and watching the raindrops falling down the windows.. I just feel so much better when going through summery photos even if they where taken just a few weeks ago.. Oh god damn, I just miss warm weather so bad..

Well guess I'm not the only one so hopefully I can bring a little bit of sunshine into your room especially if you have such bad weather as here in Switzerland atm.. :-))

Oh I think you can see how happy I was that day.. even if it wasn't "that" warm.. I mean it was a bit too cold for swimming but just lay down and enjoy the music at the beach listening to the waves made me feel so good.. :-)

Hopefully I can be back soon! Sorry to talk about the weather so much lately, it just really makes me feel better if I see sunshine in the morning.. What about you? Are you also the one which moods really depends on the weather?! ;)

Much much Loooove




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