Photos by the dear Julia from julianyland.com


Top: Zara

Pants: Zara

Heels: Nelly

Glasses: from Paris

Bag: Metro Boutique

my Make-Up:

Lips: Maybelline - Cappucchino

Mascara: Covergirl

Hair (Shampoo & Hair-Mask): Syoss

Nails: Sally Hansen

Hey my Loviebees

Oh you just can't imagine how happy I am and how lucky I feel to finally taste spring! And to celebrate this season of course I wanna wear some lighter clothes. It's just so lovely to finally leave my black stuff in the back of my wardrobe and being able to wear some colorful and white clothes. Totally happy right now! Am I the only one who feels sooo much better now that the sun is shining again and we can sit outside for a good wine and some nice talks?! Oh Lord, I just feel so motivated and happy and full of power :P

Also it's my birthdaaay in a few days ahh, and I'm gonna celebrate it at the italian coast with my boyfriend ! One of my biggest dreams being at the beach on my birthday is coming true, wup! Thank you babe s much!!!!! <3 As I'm not really the BDay-Type and really don't like big parties to celebrate it haha. What type are you guys? Do you like to celebrate it big or just a small get-together with your loved ones?

Til soon my Loves, Wishing you such a good day!




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