Hey Loves

I guess you all know how much I love travelling, the beach and sunshine! You probably are already tired of hearing that from me haha, I'm sorry! My one and only real obsession!

It just gives me the best motivation for future plans, makes me the happiest gurl on mother earth and it makes me feel more free than ever before! It's actually not more than escaping from reality, but hey who doesn't need that once upon a time?! :-)

Well well, so in this post it's all about my travel-plans for february and march (well end of february to be exact).

It will all start this sunday :-) Flying to london with samsung and my girl Anja from schuschublog. I literally can't wait to spend time with a bunch of great swiss bloggers and the team of samsung. Happy and lucky me I'd say! Of course I'm gonna take you with me on snap, insta and this blog. Hell yeah! :-))

So just 3 days later on wednesday actually my boy and I are going to fly in direction south. :P Sun, beach and palms here we come, wup! Egypt is actually the place where I was the most in my life, over 10 times already as my mom booked us a holiday to the sun every year! Thanks for that mom!! I always loved it so much, I know there are a lot of split meanings about egypt.. But I personally just love it! It's so close, not expensive at all, friendly peeps and of course most important.. sun and fun :)

So after enjoying the sun for a week, we'll be back in switzerland for a few days and theeeen off to Austria! MY very first time in Vienna to be honest and I seriously can't wait to explore the nice architecture there! I just heard very good things about this city :-))) We'll enjoy one full week over there with Vision Apartments, a super lovely agency renting apartments all over europe and soon around the whole world! How cool! I can't wait to enjoy a few days in my very own flat! Cooking, living, sleeping in one of their amazeballs apartements! Sooon! :-))

So just one week after Vienna it's time for some sun and palms again :O Off to Barcelona with the team of EF. Ahhh! I seriously still can't believe this plans when writing them down right now. I not only gonna spend a whole week there but also gonna learn spanish every day. I of course know that I won't speak spanish fluent after a few days haha, buuuut I still can't wait to learn even a tiny bit of this super nice language.

Well yes, that's what I wanted to tell you for now Loves. I will take you with me to every single spot and I'm literally the happiest person on earth!! This is so crazy for me as tarvelling is one of the things I'll love forever and never gonna be boring!! :P Can't appreciate this enough!

Hope you'll have a great rest of this week!!

Til soon my Dears

Much Love



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