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Long time no see! As you might know we went to Paris on Wednesday and enjoyed 3 wonderful days there. I have to say I wasn't really into Paris the first time I visited it in summer 2k14. Possibly because we went to Amsterdam and London first, and as a last step to Paris. As Amsti and London were so nice it wasn't super crazy for me to be in Paris in 2k14. Buuuut things change and this time I really enjoyed every single second we were there.

Day 1

We arrived around 1 pm on Wednesday and went straight to our apartement first. It was located super central and not far from all the things we wanted to see the next days. :-)

. If you plan to visit paris I can only recommend to book an apartment over airbnb, not only is it kinda cheap but also is it so nice to have an own kitchen (although we haven't used it haha) but still I just like to have my own 4 walls to live in for a short time.

. Second I recommend to search a room or apartment in the first Zone as it's only €1.70 per Metro-Ride then plus it's so close to every sightseeing spot.

So on the first day we wanted to see the famouse photo-spot Palais Royal as well as the Louvre. But sadly we just couldn't find the Palais Royal.. if you know were it is then write me haha. Anyways we found the Louvre of course and went for dinner later as it started raining just when we arrived. What a pitty.

I have to say I'm totally into the food in paris! Especially after LA and NewYork, eating in Paris was a real pleasure. Not only the prices but also the food itself was sooo so yummy!

Day 2

For the second day we decided to visit one of my favorite spots, the Trocadéro, were you'll have the most amazing view on the Eiffel Tower. I just love it there! The weather was so nice as well! The forecast actually told us it's going to rain and storm, buut the sun was shining til like 3 pm and it was just such a nice feeling. I totally fell in Love!

After doing the typical touri-stuff we just walked around and visited every ittle corner. Everything is so pretty in my opinion. The flower-corners, the streets and the buildings! :-) Enough strolling around! We were kinda hungry after all that walking around so we decided to search a nice restaurant. Which was the Indiana, located close to the Tour Eiffel and was super yummy. See what we ate here. Burgers for life is all I'm saying :P

For the evening we got an invitation from the lovely designer Floriane Fosso. It was her first big collection and we had the honour to take part at the show. Let me tell you the location was the coolest thing ever. With a white spiral staircase were the models walked downstairs and presented the new collection. Also the catering was so yummy and André and I had like 4 champagner glasses each. So good! :P At the end everyone got goodie-bags and the designer had tears, it was super emotional and I'm so thankful I had the change to join this party. Thank you so much Floriane Fosso for the invitaion and good luck for your bright future! :-)

Day 3

So for the third day we hadn't any big plans and as it was raining as heck we decided to join a nice restaurant and ordering a yummy steak. Sandra recommended this one for us and I've to say it was soo so superyummy! O-M-G. As already told above the food in paris is so good in general but this one was like heaven on earth. It is called Sacrée Fleur Paris and located close to the Gare du Nord. After that we went back to our apartment to get our luggage and next to a little coffée located @ Châtelet les Halles where we got some Crêpes and a Drink. Yumm! So with the luggage we hadn't any change to go to a cinema or join a musical or whatever. So only thing left was strolling around a bit, getting proviant for our journey back home aaand searching for a restaurat for dinner. Exciting huh?! :P

So thanks god we found like the most amazing dinner-spot ever. It was a moroccan restaurant called Riad Nejma. We only got an appetizer and a main course and it was still sooo much! Totally to recommend! The server was like the nicest person ever! Everyone dressed in maroccan robes, the smell and the atmosphere was so good that we almost felt like we'd be in marocco haha. Hopefully I have the possibility to explore this nce place by ourself soon. :-) After a yummy mango-mojito it was time so say goodbye Paris! Til soon!

So, hopefully I was able to inspire you a little bit for your next trip. As Paris is only 4 h from switerland I'm sure I'll be back sooner than later hihi. Can't wait!

Much Love & a happy Sunday




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