Pictures taken by Nadine Holder

H&M by Cooh Zahner


Dress: 2ndDay via BIG Zürich

Bag: Modissa

Fake Fur Coat: DBTH via BIG Zürich

Boots: Tally

Glasses: Lulus

Hey Loves

Totally forgot to show you my personal favorite photoseries shot by Nadine Holder from 2k15. What a wonderful, sunny day this was. We had so much fun doing the pictures even it was reallyyy windy haha. But I just love these two talented girls! Thank you so much for the pictures dear Nadine and the most stunning make-up babe Cooh!

I just came back from a spontaneous 3 days spa-trip to lugano, south of switzerland with my mum and it was the best decision ever. I'm full of power, new ideas and just full of love my mummy gave to me. The most precious time is maybe not to travel but just to spend time with your beloved ones. And if I learned one thing during this trip it was that sometimes I forget about the most important people in my life and I'm so thankful I got them! Christmas and New Years Eve are one of the loveliest days ever, that's what I found out again :-)

Hope you had a wonderful start into 2k16 and I'm wishing you a nice sunday for now :-)) We'll hear us soon <3



a little BTS ;-)


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