Denim-Shirt: Maddison

Coat: Avant Premiere

Hat: Stradivarius

Ripped BF-Jeans: Zara

Shoes: Zara

Hey Loves

The weather in switzerland is kinda bad the last days, so I just love wearing comfy pieces, just as this Boyfriend-jeans and my oversized Jeans-Shirt. But even if I just love wearing comfortable things the most, I still like it to look at least a bit stylish. So just pair your cozy look with a few key-pieces with for example this awesome boots, my comfortable yeti-coat aaand a hat. Seems like I'm not the only one which is super in love with this coat and boots as I get a lot of question about it :-) Find all the outfit-details above.

As told, the weather is sadly not the best haha, so taking photos isn't that much fun lately. Well I still love it, but it's so much easier and more fun when you can play with the sun aka natural light and don't freeze your ass off after 15 minutes in the rain. Find my favorite things to do while it's raining outside here and tell me what your favorite tips are, as I'm always searching for things to do instead of lying in bed all day and watching The Originals hahah

So for now I'm wishing you a wonderful Sunday-Evening.

Much Looove




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