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In January I moved to Zurich in my very own apartment with my girl Lorena. This was like one of the biggest changes this year. But more about my very personal thought to this crazy year 2k15 is coming soon. In this post I'm going to talk about my journeys, my travels, my new experiences I was able to make. And I'm MORE THAN THANKFUL! I travelled so much and I learned even more. After 2k14, when I travelled for over 3 month through asia, I thought a year wouldn't get better but this year did.. crazy shizzle :P I guess you all know how much to explore new countries and to travel as much as possible, it is really the thing which makes me feel alive :)

So let's start with..


In February Joshua, Anna, Niklas, Alina and I decided to go to London for 5 days and to join LFW for the first time. It was freezing cold but more than a blast. We had so much fun and in this moment I really wish I could turn back time <3 The most fun part about this trip were our night session in Joshuas and my apartment. We even had an own kitchen, so in the evenings all of them came over, we drank wine (too much) haha and just danced to Ariana, The Weeknd and Chris Brown. I remember everything and just want to thank them again for this lovely time! I LOVE Y'ALL! <33


In April my boyfriend and I booked a little trip to berlin. He surprised me with a stay at the Hilton Hotel for my birthday. It was one of my mos spontaneous but also most funny trips. We went over to Anouschkas and Rubens apartment and guess what, drunk too much wine again haha ops! But anyways one of my funniest and loveliest nights ever. The next day we went to eat sushi with Anna, went shopping with all of them, eating at vapiano, cinemadates and just a wonderful time all together. André had to leave earlier and I stayed at Ruben and Anouschkas Flat for 2 more nights.. Thank you for taking care of me, always such a blast! <3


In May I had a real lifecrisies, so my Babe and I went spontaneously to Barcelona for 3 days off. I have to say I really fell in love with Barcelona and it's people. So lovely, helpful and kind! Everyone seems so happy and friendly, I really wanna go back asap! Also we had such a nice hotel with the most beautfiul rooftop-pool I've ever seen, so stunning!


In June Joshua (my best friend, if you don't know yet :P) and I wanted to see the sun so badly that we booked another trip to palma de mallorca. And again we made the best choice with our hotel. Everything white and blue, just exactly as I love it ;-) It was one of my most beautiful holidays ever and if you wanna save a little bit of money but still wanna see something really beautiful than mallorca is such a good choice. The landscape, the sea, plants, people, everything is just stunning and so lovely. Ahh, I really fell in Love! We also enjoyed one day at beautiful Puro Beach, read all about that day here. :-)


In August Joshua and I had seen this great offer for a cruise-trip and we spontaneously booked it. One of my best decisions so far. Even if I wouldn't do it a second time, once in a lifetime I guess you should do this. Within a few days you have the possibility to see so many beautiful spots around whole europe. And I'm so thankful for that! Really enjoyed every second of this trip, you can read all about it here.


I've also posted an own post about santorini here. Oh yes this city is a dream on earth. How beautiful is the architecture, how lovely is the view and how yummy the food. It owns all the things I love the most. Blue and White = MY BIGGEST LOVE FOREVER AND EVER :P


Argostoli was a city I've never heard about before. It was really cute and lovely. No tourists at all and lovely coffees around every corner. But I really wouldn't go there again, as it seems like an old and kinda abandoned city to me.


Sadly, we hadn't much time in Dubrovnik. We were there for only a few hours but this water really blow me away. How deepblue and clear is this?! Most stunning part of the sea I've ever seen! Dubrovnik has a serious spot on my wishlist where I wanna travel to again. (Hopefully sooner than later :P)


I have to say I've also never heard something about Ancona before we went there. It is a supercute city but was also one of the spots we went but I wouldn't go again. Not because I didn't like it, but because I prefer other cities and places :-) Anyways we had a lovely time in Ancona and it was great to see it once!


Oh Venice you Beauty! See the post about this beautiful city here. Venice is one of a kind. So stunning and magical, every corner is different and you just feel like in a fairytale, at least thats what I felt. The weather was amazeballs when we were there and I REALLY wanna go there again one day! For one night we booked the Hilton-Hotel and it was one of the best decisions. Such a lovely hotel at an even lovlier place with a crazy stunning view over whole venice. Loved it so much!


In October I wanted to see Anouschka and Ruben badly again so I went to Berlin a second time this year (and was there last december as well) :P We had great weather the first few days but the last 4 ones it was just raining and really bad, that's why we didn't do a lot I have to say. But we went to the pressdays, had lovely talks, yummy indian- and asianfood en masse and ben&jerrys til we dropped :P

Thank you both for this lovely stay, can't wait to see you precious ones again <3


This November one of my biggest dreams came true.. oh well, oh well.. Blessing and curse in one haha.. I knew I would love Los Angeles, since I always told my mummy one day she has to visit her grandchildren over there because I was 100% sure I wanna live in Los Angeles one day. And that's what really happened. I fell in love with this city soooo badly, and it seems like we haven't even seen 5% of it. Of course we went to see the Hollywood Blvd, went to Venice Beach, Santa Monica.. not to forget Beverly Hills, Sunset Blvd and the Hollywood Sign. But there is so much more to explore and I seriously can't wait to go there again!! Seperate post to LA is coming soon :-)


Another thing on my bucketlist was to see the Grand Canyon. Sadly the weather was sooo bad, it was snowing, freezing -5 degrees and raining a few times (even in the pictures it looks like the weather was so nice haha, but snapchat-followers know what I mean). Anyways seeing the Grand Canyon was one real big deal for me. So huge, so beautiful! Mother Nature you are wonderful powerful!


Oh Oh another big dream of mine! Hello Las Vegas for the first time in my life! What a stunning city (well more what a stunning street as all the hotels and shops are placed in one looooong endless street haha) I really wanna go there again, as it feels like I haven't seen enough of it. We went to The Venezian, a hotel just built exactly like Venice. How crazy is this?! A real river inside the hotel, little boats driving through it, gondeliers singing, a drawn sky on the wall, lights, italian restaurants.. it really felt like a throwback to Venice and it was crazy! :O But there's so much more to see, like the little Paris, New York, theres a hotel with real sharkes in it.. It is like a total different world, a fairytale, but a fake fairytale haha - hope I have the possibility to see it soon again and to explore even more!


Haha, guess you're bored reading how beautiful and lovely everything was but San Francisco, oh San Fran, I also fell in love with you! The beach, the restaurants, the bridge.. so unique! Even I have to say that it is a crazyyyyy city. A crazy beautiful one of course, but also a crazy crazy city, like there are people on drugs around every corner, homeless people you can't count them.. and that's what made me sad.. I loved the city but in the night you shouldn't walk along on your own I guess.



This streets will make you feel brandnew... and yes they literally do haha! Another big big big dream! We only had a few hours in New York that's why I can't write too much about it, but one thing is for sure, I wanna go there again in summer one day! <3

O-M-G, it was so much fun to write this post about my journey in 2k15. And I wanna thank YOU so much at this point. Thank you for being part of this whole thing, for following me, for supporting me and even more important, for writing me lovely messages which always brighten up my days sooo much! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING THIS, it means the world to me!

But don't forget one thing, behind all this great travelling, there are also bad days in my life, where I dunno what to do with me, where I have self-doubt without end, that's why I appreciate every single second of my life and am so thankful!

I hope you're 2015 was a wonderful year and that you enjoyed it a lot! May your dreams for 2016 come true and may your wishes be reality! I wish you all the best Loves!

With much Love




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