Hair by Pierre Hairstylist at Bahnhofplatz in Zurich - Shuki Azemi <3

Hey Loves

You’ve probably already read my little hair-disaster-story here ;-)

If yes, then you’ll already know that I went from turquoise to blonde to purple to brown and now finally back to blonde wup! I was really unhappy with my brown hair, as I just felt like it doesn’t fit my type.. also blonde always reminds me of summer, beaches and palms and well, that’s exactly what makes me happy and what I love :P

So, before I went to america I had the possibility to visit one of the wonderful Pierre Hairstylist salons in Zurich and got my hair done :-) In a first step Shuki, my hairdresser, bleached my hairtips very exactly and step for step.. I really was in good hands and so happy to get blonde hair soon again.. the next step was a new invention by Schwarzkopf which protects your hair even when it got bleached, it's called Fibreplex (a totally new invention).. and I can really say it worked as my hair feels totally healthy now :-)) SO HAPPY!

So for the third step my hairdresser washed everything out and protected my hair again with a soft hairmask as well as a little darker color to even my hairroots out.. as I’m having a kinda red tone in my natural hair, this color was really important for a nice and goodlookin result..

So my new hair was almost done, only thing missed was a new nice cut and an even nicer blowdry. Thank you so much dear Pierre Hairstylist Team and especially to Shuki for making this possible.. I am so so happy with my new hair, and guess what, this is not even the end, as I’m going to get long Extensions sooner than later and I literally can’t wait to show you all the result.. :-) Gonna be the happiest girl on earth then :P

So for now, I hope you enjoy the pictures and my little hair story :-) If you’re from switzerland and looking for a nice and lovely hairsalon, Pierre Hairstylist at Bahnhofplatz in Zurich should definitely be your choice.. You don’t only get a super nice result, but also such kind hairdressers, coffee (very important :P) orange juice, much more and just a really good help :-)

If you got any more questions, ask me everything below..

Til soon



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