Pictures taken by Nadine Holder

H&M by Cooh Zahner


Crop: New Look

♥ Pants: BIG Zurich

♥ Shoes: IKrush

Heeeey Loves

Wup, I'm finally back home and just got these pictures in my mailbox! Ah you can't even imagine how much I love them.. I know I'm not a model and I often ask myself why I'm having such a great community and why so many people are following my journey through instagram, my blog and snapchat.. I don't feel very confident or don't think I can really call myself a blogger, because I often think I'm not perfect enough to be one.. but that's exactly what I love about "blogging", it's not about being beautiful or having the best clothes or the best pictures.. it's all about being yourself and exploring a new version of yourself every day! I'm so so happy about these pictures shot by wonderful Nadine Holder with this georg makeup and hair by my Cooh Zahner, because I don't know myself like this! In my everday life I often wear comfy clothes and sneakers but sometimes (especially for events) I just love dressing more classy and chic. I'm so thankful to grow and exploring new sides on myself again and again.. :)

Wearing these adorable pants just made me feel so confident, so different, classy, grown up and special.. Clothes just make such a difference and I'm super thankful I got the chance to wear them thanks to the lovely Real Time Society! I'm so blessed to work with lovely agencies, great photographers and such talented make-up artists! Thanks to everyone for making this post possible! <3

What do you think about this chic Minea-Version :P

Hear you soon :-))




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