♥ Crop: Lulus

Shorts: thrifted Levi's

Coat: H&M

♥ Shoes: Fashionpills

23 - 11- 2015


1:00 pm: It was time to leave switzerland.. bye bye snow and hello summer/spring in California.. I was way to excited, as it was my first time traveling to america, especially Cali was a big dream of mine to explore and visit :-) So we took off a bit later than 1:00 pm and arrived around 5:00 pm (american time, would have been 2:00 am in switzerland) so we were really tired and done as you can imagine.. anyways we were so happy and excited to be finally here - in LA!! crazaay!

5:00 pm: After landing and getting our luggage (everything arrived thanks god!) we had to pick up our car.. everything went pretty well and we had the change to choose one car of many cars haha.. we picked a white old-school Jeep in which I totally fell in love, especially cause it was white :P

6:30 pm: Thanks god we’ve booked a hotel super close to the airport for our first night.. As it would have been around 3:30 am in switzerland now we just fell in our beds and slept immediately haha, good nighty LA, so good to be here!


24 - 11- 2015


5:00 AM: Looks like someones a bit jetlagged haha, after waking up and checking my phone first thing to do was making myself a yummy coffee.. of course I couldn’t stay in bed so I went outside for a little walk and watching the sun rising, so beautiful with all the palms - LOVE!

7:00 AM: After getting ready we actually planned to start our roadtrip in direction to Laughlin - Grand Canyon - Las Vegas.. but as we hadn’t seen a lot of Los Angeles yet and as we still were kinda tired we decided to book an airbnb flat for 2 more nights in LA and change our plans a bit :-)

9:00 AM: The flat was booked, the hotel rooms in Laughlin and Grand Canyon changed.. after all calls we were really in the mood of going to the beach and enjoy the beautiful weather in Santa Monica / at Venice Beach :-))

10.30 AM: This city is huge gosh! After driving the wrong ways a looot, we finally made it to the beach! And it was more than worth it, almost nobody was there so we had like the whole beach for us ;-)) As we hadn’t eaten a lot yet (expect a subway sandwich we got the other day) we got ourself a humus-salad and a chicken-burrito which we enjoyed at the beach! So so beautiful and so cozy! But we made one mistake, after feeding one seagull at the beach a whole pack flown our direction to get some food.. it was crazy! they literally flow above our heads haha, never do feed birds guys, especially if you want to enjoy your meal!

11.30 AM: Of course we had to take some pictures at the beach and visit the famous skater-park as well as the cute shops directly at the beach! So stunning!! Could have actually stayed here forever!

1.00 PM: It was time to search our airbnb flat, which was located directly in Los Angeles Downtown, in between all the skyscrapers. The flat was really cute, including a small kitchen, bathroom, living and bedroom plus a beautiful view! Buuut, I have no idea were we had our heads but definitely somewhere else than we should have haha.. we just walked out of the room and totally forgot to take the keys with us, yeah great! with nothing then our smartphones we waited in the lobby and contacted airbnb, thanks god the lady which rents these flats lived just around the corner, so we had our keys pretty fast again - will never ever forget my keys in the room - promise!

3.00 PM: It was really warm in the sun so we decided to chill a bit by the pool which was included.. for sure it would have been too cold to really go in, but to just chill by it was more than wonderful! Around 5.00 PM the sun in LA is going under (at least in november ;-)) so we just went back to the room to get ready for dinner!

6.00 PM: Well, we were still really jetlagged.. I always thought jetlag is not real, as I felt nothing when I flew to thailand last year.. but america is different guys.. it’s 9 hours time difference which was really hard for me o the first day.. around 6 PM all I wanted was going to bed, but my hungry belly told me something else, so we searched for a yummy restaurant near our rented flat

6.30 PM: At Yang in LA Downtown we found a beautiful, cheap and delicious place to eat! We ordered way too much hahah, let me tell you the Nachos are huge but so good, as well as the hot & spicy Edamame! yummy!

After feeding our hungry bellys we went back to the flat and actually went sleeping really soon, just a bit of answering e-mails, and work for the agency I fell asleep! Good nighty LA, what a wonderful first day!

To be continued… :-)

Wishing you all a wonderful evening/ morning Loves (I’m a bit confused with the timedifference haha)




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