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Today is all about the wonderful event I was invited a few days ago.. but read it by yourself (it was truly magical)

10.00 am: Getting ready and meeting all the other blogger-girls as well as the wonderful TW-Crew - we were 5 bloggers, including Sofia (Matiamu.com) and Caro (Carodaur.com) from Hamburg, as well as Hristina (Fleurdemode.com) from Vienna aaaand last but not least my dear Alison (Bangbangblond.com) from Swizzyland (just as me, we met each other at the Thomas Sabo-event in Munich, so it was really good to see a well-known face) ;-)

All the girls were just totally lovely and we had such a blast!!

10.30 am: After getting a yummy Welcome-Drink and getting to know each other a bit better we had the chance to take a look at the new Tally Weijl-Concept-Store as one of the first. And let me tell you, I just got blown away.. I just knew Tally as this super-small store, covered in pink and dark colors, totally crowded and almost exploading because of the big amount of people and the small amount of place.. but when I got the invitation to their opening of a new concept store I wondered too much how it could look, and my expectations were exceeded a lot. I especially fell in love with the minimalistic look of the whole store, there was more than enough place for everyone, not too many clothes at one line, but very well organised floors.. I loved the rosé golden hangers and the lovely accessoire-standing.. I was just really overwhelmed and happy to see that tally weijl also can be different, that the ages of bad material and too crowded stores are finished and a new concept got released.. if you have the change, don't forget to check it out.. in my opinion it is now one of the most beautfiul shopping places (for a good budget oc) in zurich, as there are 4 floors of clothes-heaven wuhu

11.30 am: Now it was time too choose an outfit wuhuu... At first sight I totally fell in love with these great underknee-heels (or at least they are under-knee on me haha, but they may be overknee on someone else, as I'm kinda tall) so now I only had to find an outfit which would fit to my over/underknees :P and I was super happy when I then found this perfect burgundy dress and a superlovely hat in just the same color.. so outfit was choosen (but it took ages, I actually tried on at least 6 different looks haha) now it was time to eat some lunch and later to start with our little street-shooting

1.00 pm: Andrea (chic-in-zurich.ch) visited us in front of the new Tally House and the shooting started.. every girl had her really own location and we had such a blast taking the pictures :-)) My pictures were taken in the middle of zurich, in between of the streets and of course with a lot of balloons haha

Pictures by Andrea Monica Hug

3.00 pm: After we all got our photos it was time for some girly-time aka shopping, coffeetalks and sightseeing through zurich.. we had such a blast just walking around and exploring the beauty of zurich :-)

6.00 pm: Now it was time to go back to the tally house and enjoy the actual opening of the new concept store.. but as we have already seen a lot of the new store and as we were kinda tired of walking around the whole afternoon we just searched for a pretty spot in the new store and chilled there, with a lot of food of course as well as next to a superlovely liveband called paplo nouvelle.. you can't imagin how yummy the food was, not only our lunch and the welcomedrinks were so yummy - but at the event, there was pizza, fries and a reaaaally big corner full with the most yummy sweets I have ever tried, cakepops, white and brown chocolate covered popcorn, popcorn with berrytaste, gummis without end and so much moooore ahhh, we just ate way tooo much haha

8.00 pm: so after I met a few more lovely blogger-girls which were at the opening in the evening, we went to our private dinner place, which was just a few minutes away from the actual opening (thanks god to my feet as they really hurt after a full day of shooting, walking around and so on) :P

We actually ate way too much before so weren't that hungry, buuut the dinner was just way to good to not be eaten.. We just had an amazing time with the crew and the other 4 blogger-girls and I really enjoyed every second of it.. actually my plan was to go home after the dinner but as my home is 2 1/2 hours from zurich and I hadn't a change to catch the last train, Hristina was so kind and offered me to stay in her room.. so the tally crew totally agreed with this idea and was more than kind and organised everything, special thanks to Hristina and Aleksandra at this point <3


12.00 pm: I have no idea how late it really was when we arrived at the hotel, but all I know is that it was the most beautiful hotelroom I ever slept in.. it was huuuuge! Not only that it offered 2 bathrooms, but it also had an own kitchen, a livingroom plus a huge bedroom, just like a small flat.. I would have rather stayed so much longer there.. but yeah as my plan was going home after the event I had nothing with me than my clothes I wore to the event, so I slept in the bathrobe and used some make-up cleaner from Hristina! Again, thank you so much!

Next day, 7.30 am: It knocked on the door so I knew I had to get up. Breakast was waitiiiiing! yumm! Hristina was already on her way back home, as her flight to vienna was kinda early.. so I enjoyed the breakfast on my own, in this huge room and with this awesome view over zurich, just amazing! I really enjoyed every second and then it was sadly time to say goodbye.. to say goodbye to this lovely hotel called Emma Suites, to say goodbye to the lovely Tally-Crew, and to say goodbye to my lovely Zurich (but not for too long of course :P)

Huch, this article went longer than expected, but I hope you liked reading it and following our day around.. :-))

Hope you are having a supergreat evening and so much looove!




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