♥ Body: Fashionpills

Mommy-Jeans: Asos

♥ Shoes: Fashionpills

Hair & Make-Up by adorable Melanie Volkart

Pictures taken by David Biedert

Yes, this body is definitely one of my favorite pieces eveeer... I recently just also got the almost same body with some long sleeves (perfect for winter) and fell in love again..

For me this is a piece which you can totally combine with some leatherpants, jeansvest and a hat to a bad girl-look or you can just wear it with a skirt, some heels and a nice evening-makeup for a sexy going out look ooor you just combine it with some mummyjeans and sneakers for a everyday-look.. there are plenty more looks which can be created with this look so feel free to tell me with what you would combine it :-))


And a supergood start into the new week!!



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