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Swimsuit: Designed by myself in Vietnam

Hey Loves

Oh Lord, I have to tell you I really fell in love with Venice ahhh.. I never thought I would adore it that much, but these rivers, the houses, the atmosphere O-M-G... I was so so happy these days!! Literally, I felt like in a movie walking down that little streets by the water, over wonderful old bridges, dancing around a latern.. I just seriously felt like on a filmset

On the first day we hadn't an idea what to explore and to see in Venice so we took a taxi and asked the driver for tips.. he then drove us to the Piazza Roma where we took a Waterbus to Piazza St. Marco for around 7 € - and it was REALLY worth it, as driving over the river and seeing the houses from that view was super stunning!! You also have the possibility to take a watertaxi on your own but that will cost you around 120€ and that was way too much for us tho :P

Anyways when arriving at Piazza St. Marco I have to say I was kinda disappointed.. endless streets, totally overcrowded, full coffees.. it wasn't really what I expected..

We then thought about taking a Gondola-ride but that would have been around 80€ for 30 min.. like whaaaat?! Well yes, after the first few hours I wasn't really happy and neither was joshua.. luckily we found a cute little coffee at the river (way to expensive) but really cute and nice to stalk all the people walking/running around, taking photos and so on.. hahah, I just love stalking tourists :P bad habit!!!

But after around 2 hours we had enough from that place and wanted to go back..arriving at Piazza Roma again we were too hungry and searched for a place to eat something and that was the best decision ever!! Cause then we found this super lovely place which made my heart go buuum! :P

That was also were we took most of the pictures at (the beautiful bridge, the nice houses with the sunset) the lightning was just so much better because the streets weren't hidden between all the buildings and just too beautful to believe!!! Also the dinner was super yummy and I just felt like in a romantic movie again hahaha So guys, if you wanna see the venice I really fell in love with then don't forget to visit Piazza Roma!!

We just liked it that much that we wanted to stay a night longer and booked the superlovely Hilton Hotel in Venice.. it was a 45 min ride from Piazza Roma and was around 17€ per person and (as far as I remember) 8€ for the luggage..

The hotel was sooo super lovely omg! That's also where we took the pictures in the pool with that stunning view over venice! Just super breathtaking isn't it?! I can only recommend the hotel as the stuff was so friendly, the food was really good (breakfast and snacks were all included, as well as beer and wine til 5 pm - how cool is that?!) plus WIFI was free, they had a rooftop-bar (which was also really stunning and so beautiful by night) and yes as already told the rooftop-pool.. Restaurants were just around the corner (by the water of course!) aaand the best part - they had a Nutella-Bar just in between the hotel, Joshua and I both love unhealthy stuff sooo much, we had like 4 nutella-crêpes in one day (my snapchat-followers probably know what I'm talking bout hahah)

So yeah, we had a really really good time in Venice and it just was the perfect end of our trip!

Can't wait to be there again!!

Hope you liked my little review about venice aaaand for now I'm wishing you a perfect night !!




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