Turtleneck: New Look

♥ Culottes: FashionPills

Bag: New Look

♥ Sneakers: FashionPills

Glasses: Quay Australia

Coat: Primark

Happy Sunday Loves

When I got these Culottes and Sneakers from Fashionpills I immediately knew how I wanted to pair them, with a lot of white and pastel-colors.. I lately really like to wear a bit of color when I need some "summer-feelings". Babyblue is and probably always will be my very favorite color as it just reminds me of summer, waves, sky, water.. everything I love tho :-) What is your favorite color and why do you like it better than the others? :P

I really like these pictures, dunno why but maybe also because it was just such a nice and funny "shoot" with my girl Sandra from entredois.com. I met her at the BVLGARI-Event (read the article about it here) and yeah it was just like I met a little soulmate tbh.. we immediately had a really good connection, same interests, same hobbies and just a lot of similarities in our lifes.. and of course we both love to take photos, go on events, writing, laughing, eating :P It's just really cool when meeting people in switzerland with the same interests.. but there s one big difference between us, I am like really tall and Sandra is such a cutiepie in a smaller version ;-)) but still, I am so so freakin thankful for meeting her, and there s a lot coming with this one wuhu, so stay tuned :-))) and thank you Sandra for being so wonderful and true as you are!!! So glad I met you!

So enough love on a sunday hahah, but when thinking about monday in a few hours, I've just needed a bit of love and I hope it was possible to give my love further to you ;-))


and a supernice Sundayevening



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