Crop: Brandy Melville

Shorts (also my Pijama haha): Brandy Melville

Flashtattoos: Kikitats

♥ Flats: PublicDesire

Γεια σε όλους

Wich means as much as "Hey Loves" :-P (At least thats what google translater told me hahah)

Sorry for spaming you again with some summer-pictures but I just can't handle this weather.. it's for sure nice to wear some long pants or a coat but only for a few days please.. haha if I would create my own weather I would just love to have a mix of summer, spring and fall changing every week :P wouldn't that be totally nice? wearing some shorts and crops (just like in these pictures) in one week, and some pants and boots the other.. okey okey, I know that will never happen but sometimes dreaming isn't that bad, right :-))

Also, I really miss my blonde hair - and this not more than 2 weeks after I colored them brown (ahh) One thing I still have to learn is to not make bad decisions with my hair.. did you know that I had really long and thick hair just a few years ago.. then I had the stupid idea of cutting them (after a break-up tbh) and til then they wont grow anymore... I also do have like really strong curls in nature, but I do always straighten them or make my own kind of curls which I like way better than my natural ones (struggle)! Well then I was blonde for almost two years, more or less, in february I had the bad decision of making my hairends green (it was 5 am, just before flying to LFW hahahh) which was superstupid, because the color didn't wanted to wash out.. I then had to bleach them again which made them feeling like straw and I had to cut soooo much away from my anyway short hair.. felt like a 2nd heartbreak :P But that wasn't it, my hair didn't wanted to grow so I cliped in extensions a lot (just as in the pictures, obviously) and had another bad idea with coloring the ends of my hair again, but this time in purple, what a good idea - not!!

yeah so it really looked horrible (as I'm always doing stupid stuff on my own, which is a even more worse idea haha) yeah so I just looked really bad and had to color them brown, but I'm anything than happy with it, so I guess it won't take that long til I have long blonde hair again..

what do you like more, brown or blonde hair on me? short or long hair? IDKKKK

So loves, I'll stop my grumble for now and wishing you a totally nice evening!!

Soo much Love




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