Pictures taken by David Biedert

H&M by Melanie Volkart


Fake-Fur-Coat: Thrifted

Crop-Turtleneck: New Look

♥ Skirt: HelloMolly

♥ Shoes: Simmishoes

Bag: New Look

Hey Loves

Today I'm gonna show you my romantic side I often hide ;-) (Wow, what a rhyme haha)

I normally love to wear comfy sneakers, sweatpants or high-waisted-jeans paired with a simple shirt.. but sometimes I feel like I wanna wear something feminine, cute and princess-like just like the day we shot this outfit.. a big thanks goes to @melanievolkart for doing my make-up and my princess-look-alike-hairdo, I loved it so much, I actually didn't wanted to go to bed after this shoot ;-)

Plus I also wanna thank @davidbiedert for making me look pretty and finding this lovely location in Zurich.. He really did an awesome job and I love the pictures the took of me! (Which is pretty hard, because I don't think I'm really fotogen in front of a "not-well-known" person)

I am also not really the type who loves romantic dinners, tons of candles or a bucket of flowers.. I prefer action and fun things to do.. but as told above sometimes I do have these gurlie days haha and I do love surprises just like taking a car, driving into the nature and having a picknick under the stars (this is kinda romantic right) well, as you can see I haven't really figured out who I really am and what I really like.. I'm still growing.. and that's totally okey

So if friends of you have found their dream-job, exactly know what they wanna do in the future, where they wanna live or how their family should look like, thats also totally okey.. and if you are one of these who still have to figure it out who they are, don't stress yourself.. you're not alone, I mean there is at least one person who is like you.. me haha

So Loves, I wish you all a totally lovely monday and wishing you a great start into the new week!



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