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As you might already have seen on Instagram Joshua and I went on a totally spontaneous cruise around Italy, Croatia and Greece and visited the cities as seen on the map above. :-)

We both needed a time off and when we'd seen this great offer for a very good price we had to book it ;-) I will just write down a few positive but as well negative things when going on a cruise cause a few asked if I could write something like a little review ;-) A short post about every single city will come day by day after this post - stay tuned

So here we go:

I'm gonna start with the positive things when going on a cruise

. you have the possibility to see a lot of wonderful cities in a super short time

. waking up everyday in another city or even another country is pretty cool

. you could never see so many things for a price like that when going by plane or by car

. you will get 5 meals per day inlcuded (obv we only used the breakfast and the dinner as we visited the cities during the day, but still - it's not much that's not included)

. the dinner is super yummy.. as you can choose from a big range of dishes and choose as much as you like to (and as I'm not the biggest fan of buffets I loved to order different dishes every night)

. on the boat you can see the most beautiful sunsets ever, it's just magical

. also tanning is pretty nice on the boat as you are having sun from early morning til late evening

. the ship is huge.. which makes you feel like living on a whole new and different world on sea - pretty cool experience tho


and then oc there were also a few negative things which we didn't liked much

. if u're searching friends or wanna party hard this is definitely the wrong thing for you, as most people on the cruise are older than us (30+) or families

. As you might also have seen on my instagram our stay in mykonos got cancelled, which were really bad news for us, as mykonos would have been the only stay over night (2 nights and a day actually) and we really wanted to go out and just be on our own for a short time

. while talking from going out, one really bad thing about the cruise is that every evening is kinda the same.. dressing chic, going to dinner, having a drink, fini - sometimes it really felt like a little prison (especially when we got the news that mykonos got cancelled tho)

. the boat is super overcrowded.. thanks god joshua and I found a secret spot on the front of the boat where we were totally alone, had the possibility to listen to our own music plus could dance as long and as hard as we wanted

. wifi is crazy expensive (nearly €20 per hour) and also other beverages such as drinks, even water, is really expensive tbh





DAY 4 - ARGOSTOLI - GREECE - as replacement for Mykonos :(




I have to say there were moments when I loved being on the cruise, such as watching the sunset, listen to the waves and feeling the wind in your hair while standing on top of the boat.. but oc there were also a few things I didn't liked much, for example our small room and as already wrote above the super overcrowded and loud atmosphere the whole time...

It was a really nice experience to see this once but I wouldn't do it twice tbh.. anywayss we had a great time, and exploring new things with beloved people is always a real pleasure, right?!

Hope this little review was helpful for you and wishing you a greeeat evening <333



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