Throwback to when I was 17

… and wore a snapback all day errday :P

Yep, somethimes I really wish myself back to these days in 2011, when I hadn’t any bigger problems than heartache, bitchfights because of any superstupid reasons or to be mad at my mummy cause she won’t let me go in a nightclub for 21 year old ones.

At age 17, all I wanted was to be finally finished with school and being able to work, earning cash and spending it on expensive luxurybags I actually couldn’t afford. At age 17, I thought my dreamprince will safe me at a party while being to drunk. At age 17, I thought being an adult is cool. At age 17, I only wanted to grow faster so that I could finally live in my own apartment and taking responsibility. At age 17, I thought when I was older I could travel the world. At age 17, all I wanted was a little cutiepie dog next to my side to cuddle when having heartache once again.

But that was all wrong.. now I do live in my own apartment, which I can’t afford so that I have to move back home for a while to save money (well I could afford it, if I wouldn’t travel so much).. now I do have responsibility, I am working everyday and I hate it, I do earn money – but theres nothing left at the end of the month because I have to pay a neverending list of bills, my expensive rent, tons of food, night outs and so on – and I didn’t even went on a big shoppingspree since month! I do travel yes, what ruins me haha cause it’s just to expensive, but I can’t resist, it’s like an addiction.. I thought I could travel the world when earning the "big" money.. but it's all wrong, it takes ages to safe a bit of money when living on your own (what obv is real life, but I guess I just live in my own fairytale world to often) In Reality there are no such things as your crush saving you on a party, it’s a frog which pretends to be a prince saving you while all he wants is to take you home and having fun on your expense.

Well, looks like my dreams and thoughts at age 17 are not quite reality. But what would life be without having dreams and wishes. Even if my life isn’t what really makes me happy atm.. At least I do have a wonderful family, having great friends, being able to work and earning money, I do have a place I’m able to call my home, I’m living in a clean and beautiful country with a lot of oppurtunities. There are such moments when nothing wants to go right but what I’ve learned during the past few month is that there is always a reason for things to happen. May they make you stronger, more confident and more thankful.

We do have a life and that’s what makes us human so please don’t put it away, be strong one more time even if you think all your power is gone. Stand up one more time and do hold on your dreams, work for them, work hard and it will pay off – at least this is what I hope for.

Hope this post might make you enjoying life a bit more, cause as you can see also I am not only just the person with that perfect life and only sunshine and happiness in her life. Also I do have bad and sad things happen in my life but let’s stand up together and we can do this. We do have to enjoy our one life and have to do the best out of it.

So Loves, if nothing goes right - just go left and don’t forget to smile, because as my mummy always tells me smile and positivity do always make you shine from inside to outside


Til soon on my blog and hope y’all enjoy your weekend




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