Hat - Asos

Jumpsuit - Primark

Shoes - Public Desire

Bag - Burberry

Glasses - Openair

Rings - Bijou Brigitte / H&M / thrifted / SIX

Hi Loves

Well my last week wasn’t that I good I have to say, but what really changed the end of the week in a positive way was seeing Alina and Ana after like forever. Last time I saw Alina was at the Fashionweek in London, which you can tell, is more than 5 months gone. So I was pretty excited and couldn’t wait for Sunday to come.

But when Joshua told me on Monday he’ll come to zurich only to visit me in the evening, the day and this week was saved.. literally saved ;-) So glad I have people like them around me. I can always count on them and especially in this crazy hard time right now – moving, searching for a new job, new home, private stuff, money probs – it’s always good to know there are friends to talk to!

I wish you a greee-eeat evening! Enjoy it with a glass of wine at the lake – or if u can - even better, at the beachh :O

Til soon



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