Hey Loves

As the weather here in switzerland is pretty bad atm I thought about posting some „unpublished“ pictures of our wonderful day at Puro Beach in Palma de Mallorca.

Let me tell you this spot is magical and this day was one of my bestest so far. We heard about that beach bar from a friend of mine and wanted to visit it badly. If you are planning to go to Puro Beach I would recommend you to go in the early morning, cause you have to pay €40 for a deck chair per day (including a bottle of water, fruits, a little smoothie and an after sun cream, which is pretty cool). But as unplanned as Joshua and I are, we arrived not earlier than around 3 pm and I would nearly say it was too much money for just a few hours on a deck chair… but anyways I would dfntly do it again, as we had sooo much fun drinking 2 bottles of rose wine (fucking expensive tho), eating fruits and dancing around.. We were the last guests on the roof as we were goofing around and watching the sunset til 9 pm haha for one day I really felt like a rich little girl between all those money throwing people, even the bill at the end of the day nearly made me faint. If you don’t wanna spend that much money for one day you can also just have lunch or dinner there, even if I think it won’t be the same feeling as spending a whole day there :-)

Hope y’all like the pics and wish u a great great week

Til soon



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