As so many asked about TO DOs in Bangkok, I thought about writing this article first – London, Paris and Mallorca are coming next :-)

  • Take a Tuk-Tuk ride

It’s so much more fun taking a Tuk-Tuk than driving with a taxi. You will feel kinda like being in a rollercoaster, as they drive way to fast and fit in every sidestreet, which is a supercool experience. Just be cautious when somebody offers you a ride for less than 100 thai-bath (around 3€). This is either a very nice guy but more likely he will try to make business with you while stopping at a few shops to sell something. Always negotiate prices and begin with half of the price he first offers. Have fun!

  • Go for a ride on the river ferry

You only pay around 30 cents which is seriously crazy. But be warned, it is always hella crowded and crazy hot as they squeeze as many people as possible on a boat. If you don’t wanna go on a totally overcrowded boat you can also take one for yourself which is around 200 bath (6 €) and totally worth it.

  • Shop til you drop

OH EM GEE ! I never shopped as much as in Bangkok. Go tot he Siam Square and you will know why (one huge area with plenty of malls, couldn’t even count them all). They just have everything a girls heart could ask for. Forever 21, Pull&Bear, Topshop but above all tons of special shops with clothes you will never see again.. so you just have to shop right?! :P

DON’T visit the MBK, it’s not worth it and it smells disgusting. With all them fake LV Bags, Michael Kors Watches and Prada Shoes- just horrible.

  • Sit in a public bus and get lost

You can drive in a public bus for around 20 Cent (!!!) This is hella crazy. So just take a bus, relax, sit down and let it take you wherever it takes you. Without a plan you’ll discover so many cool edges nobody could have recommend to you

*sorry for my ugly feet haha

  • Take a massage and shop at Khao San Road

I couldn’t get enough from this place. It’s like Camden Market just way way cheaper. Buy leatherbags, shirts, shoes, whatever you want for such a low budget. What you definitely should DO is taking one (maybe two or three) massages. You have to pay around 3-4 € for 30 minutes in massageheaven. Extra Tip: Buy a Beer before going tot he massage, it’s so relaxing sipping on your chang beer while your neck or feet is getting massaged ;-)

  • Get a Tattoo

Yes, also in Bangkok I can only recommend you to get one :P Even if you are one of these people which would never get a tattoo in Thailand, let me tell you the quality is exactly as good as in your country. I did 2 tattoos there, the roses on my left shoulder and a little bird on my underarm. I payed 80€ instead of more than 400€ which I would have payed in switzerland. Crazy huh?! And I love both oft hem, the quality is so good and yeah the price literally saved my life.

You can find the tattoostudio I was in just at the opposite oft he entry to Khao San Road. It is called „BKK Tattoo“. Good fun ;-)

  • Visit the Grand Palace

If there is one must-see sight that no visit to Bangkok would be complete without, it's the dazzling, spectacular Grand Palace. The architecture is overwhelming with them intricate details. If you wanna visit the palace, do wear closed shoes – no flip flops or sandals allowed - and wear long pants or a long skirt, otherwise you have to buy a thai-skirt as we had to ;-)

  • Try street food

Yees! Do also try insects, I mean why not, we only live once right :P Let me tell you, Skorpion tastes like chicken haha. Bon appetit

  • Do mix staying in a cheap hotel with stying in a luxurious one

If you have low budget take a hotel at Khao San Road, but never directly at the street, as it is crazy loud til early morning. We mixed staying in a low budget hotel with a few nights in a more expensive one. Fort he last week in bangkok we decided to book a suite at „Waterford Diamond Tower“. It was soo sooo lovely, as we had 2 bath- and bedrooms, a livingroom with TV oc and a kitchen. It was supernice to have some luxus after month of staying in cheaper hotels :)

  • Enjoy nightlife on the streets of bangkok

Clubs are getting closed pretty early, around 2 am or something. So do go on nightmarkets, eat some rice or noodles (for around 2 €) and meet some people. It’s so much fun partying on the streets of bangkok.

  • Enjoy a dinner on the 81st floor

This was definitely our most expensive experience in Bangkok (around 50€) but it was more than worth it. I’ll never forget having that view right in front of me while eating some sushi and sipping on my cocktail. Incredible! They offer you a huge buffet – all you can eat and could wish for.

There are plenty of other things to do and visit, like Chinatown, roof-top-bars, skyscrapers, the sundaymarket, the floating market and so one, could talk about Bangkok til early morning. But for the moment I’ll leave it like this – If you have more TO Dos let me know and if you are one of those lucky peeps who are going to Bangkok soon, have so much fun and go there with an open heart and open mind and you’ll fall in love!

Hope you enjoyed reading this, tell me what you wanna see next on this blog

Til soon



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