80’s Flare Pants - Lulus

Crop Top - got it in Bali, similar ones at HM or Zara

Flats - Zara (stolen from my roomie Lory, THANK YOU)

Bodychain - Claire’s

Sunnies - Lulus

Bag - Burberry

Hey Loves

Hope you’re doing well :-)

Let me introduce you my new favorite flare pants by - or how Joshua would say – „have you bought them in an 80s thrift shop or what“ hahah, anyways they are just deeply comfy and supersoft AND most important high-waisted

As Joshua is living in Germany and I’m living in Zurich, Switzerland, we just met in the middle of both edges = Basel. We felt like in an horror- or zombiemovie (our dream btw, to act in one :P) cause the streets were crazy empty, no noise, no people, just empty streets Joshua and me

After walking around for ages we found a supercute Rooftopbar „Hinterhof Dachterrasse“, which – if you will be in basel once – I only can recommend.. It’s supercute and the drinks are deli af. I got a housemade lemonade, in which you can add das much ingredients as you want, I’ve choosen strawberries, limes and peppermintleaves, as I love the mix of sweet and sour

After the drink we were crazy hungry so we had to go to MacDonalds hahah, superhealthy I kno, I kno

Wish u all a totally great day and thanks so much for reading my blog <3

Til soon



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