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As I got so many questions about my trips I thought about posting my secret TO DOs post per post and city per city. The pictures in this one are having a really bad quality as I took them with my iPhone 5 last summer ;-) I'd say let's start with the first city I really fell in love with and which I wanna share with you guys: AMSTERDAM

  • Explore Amsterdam’s wonderful canal belt

It really feels a bit like being in Venice. Just more trashy and less romantic. I loved just walking through amsterdam, taking views over the beautiful canal - which is more than 400 years old, tho - as well as the impressive houses and of course taking some pictures as memories. Amsterdam is like a little fairytale. I loved it!

Don’t forget to take a ride in a private boat on the canals

If you’re already exploring the waterways, why not getting on a private boat. It is really affordable, companies such as « Barqo » provides you a ride with private people. The best part, in a boat you can fastly skip the overcrowded places and explore the canals from a totally different view. Wine, cheese and some dutch stropwaffel is making the whole trip perfect.

  • Visit the « Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam »

This was one of my favorite things to do as it was raining this day and Mary had this great idea to visit the Centrale Bibliotheek. It is just a few minutes by walking from the main trainstation. And let me tell you: It is just super stunning. You’ll get 7 floors full of magic, including millions of books, magazines, CDs, films, paintings, supernice architecture and a restaurant with an incredible view over amsterdam on the 7th floor. I could have spent the whole day in this building.

  • Picnic in the Vondelpark

Vondelpark ist the largest green space in Amsterdam. It’s actually named after its best known poet Joost van den Vondel ;-) Let’s grab some fruits, salads, drinks, brownies and just enjoy the beautiful sunset while lying in the green. Btw: the park is not only to chill or dance or drink or picnic, it’s also kind of a cultural hub as you can find a number of sculptures there - such as one by picasso. Pretty impressive and a perfect place for a relaxing and not-much-money-left-after-shopping evening. If you are there from June to September loads of activities are taking place, just as music and dance events.

  • Go shopping and get a tattoo (maybe your first one?!)

Amsterdams long neverending shopping street is perfect if you’re planning coming home with double as much luggage as you left your house. I loved walking around, buying stuff at monki, urban outfitters and some tiny little treasure shops in amsterdam as well as feeding pigeons, eating yummy fries with cheese or an icecream. I also got my very first tattoo in amsterdam. It was crazy spontaneous, as we just walked by a tattoostudio which looked pretty good and I was like: „Mary I wanna get a tattoo, what shall I do?“ and she was like „What about an arrow?“ And that’s how I got my first tattoo done. I payed around 40 euros, which is a really good price compared to switzerland (prices start from €150). I sadly have no idea how the tattoostudio was called, but I can say it was worth it.

  • Let’s rent a bike and explore the city

If you prefer a guided tour, there’s a possibility to book one at « Yellow Bike ». I personally prefer to cycle whereever I want to, without a tour and without a guide. If you also are a a free spirited citizen, you can rent a bike over « MacBike » or « Rent-a-Bike », but oc there are plenty other places to hire one. For having a good day on bike, please keep following rules in mind : never cycle next to your friend, defntly lock your bike up and put in some lights at night. Done ! Wish u a lot of fun exploring the hidden corners of amsterdam ;-)

  • Chocolat forever - yummy

If you are into chocolat as much as I am, then „Hotel Chocolat“ is definitely the right thing for you. It’s a small shop with the most exquisite chocolate in town, perfect for a gift to bring home, isn’t it?! (if you won’t eat it before going home haha) Btw you can also grab a cup of tea or – what i prefer – a hot cup of chocolate while enjoying the great atmosphere at «Hotel Chocolat“.

  • Visit the Red light district and getting confused

What really should be on your „Too see list“ is walking through the red light district as it is crazy confusing looking at all them girls standing in front of a window with nothing on than a tiny little tanga and at best with a bra. I couldn’t look at it too long, as I really found it an awkward situation, especially when one men enters the door and the curtains are getting closed. Isn’t it is so disgusting, idk… Anyway it was really impressive and I’m glad I’ve seen it.

  • Going to coffee shops!

Not much to say. Just try it out if you want to and if you’re in amsterdam anyway ;-)

  • Loose yourself in the beautiful world of flowers

Don’t you think about tulips, clogs, cheese and windmills when somebodys talking about amsterdam. You definitely must visit the beautiful “Bloemenmarkt” along the Singel. It is more than worth a visit and you’ll see yourself getting lost in a fairytale-world. If you wanna sip a beer in a traditional way, then visit the “De Gooyer”. It’s a windmill right next to the artisan brewery “Brouwerij” which also won an award for its beer.

  • Eat streetfood

If you wanna experience real Dutch-Streetfood you should try out herring. The best time to try it is between May and July as then it just hits the stands, and no any other extra ingredients such as onions or pickles are needed. You can find a quality fish stall or store all over the town at a lot of corners, but one of the best places is “Stubbe’s Haring” on the Singel Haarlingersluis near Central Station.

Beside all these great activities of course you can also visit different museums such as the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum or the Van Gogh museum. Just make sure to buy your ticket in advance, so that you can skip the long lines. As Mary and I just were there for 4 days we hadn’t any time left to visit one.

Anyway, I hope this article was helpful. I’m going to write one about London and Paris asap and wish u all a supergreat day!

If you have any more TO Dos in Amsterdam, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Til soon



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