Hey there Loves

Thanks to Juule and Anouschka I finally made the decision to greate and start my own little blog-world. This blog is gonna be all about travel, lifestyle and just my everyday life.

Firstly I’m gonna take you with me around Europe and Asia as a lot of you guys asked me about spots to see and places to be in amsterdam, london, paris or thailand. I’m gonna try to give you a few to dos or donts in a lot of cities and hope you are as exited as I am.

Gawd, can’t believe I really gonna start my own blog. This was one of my biggest wishes since I discovered the world of lookbook and the world of fashion.

Really looking forward to take you guys on a little journey through my life. If you have any further questions or any ideas what I shall post next just let me know.

BTW : As I just started this whole blog-thing please be thoughtful and kind to me. I’m going to write the blog in english, even this isn’t my mother tongue – obviously, so please don’t be to rude to me. Wish you a lot of fun on my blog

Til next time xxx

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